'Marketing My Book'

PublishU provides a menu of ‘Marketing My Book’ packages that enable you to promote your book to your target audiences around the world and ensure it achieves the impact it deserves.

PublishU founder and entrepreneur, Matt Bird, has established a community of trusted marketing professionals who are engaged in Matt’s many different business and social enterprises. Using their experience and skills, PublishU has created a menu of unique ‘Marketing My Book’ packages at a special price only available to PublishU clients.

Available Packages

Book Marketing Consultancy Session - £295

A one-to-one advisory session (60 minutes) with PublishU founder Matt Bird to discuss and devise your unique book marketing strategy. This includes which book marketing strategy or strategies would best suit you as an author and the message of your book. You will also receive a complimentary copy of the ‘Marketing My Book’ ebook containing seven success strategies for getting your book out to the world!

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Public Speaking Marketing Package - £395

Public speaking is one of the most powerful and effective ways to market and sell your book. If you hear a speaker who inspires and helps, you are naturally going to want to buy their book its as simple as that.

PublishU has extensive experience of marketing and selling books through public speaking engagements whether in-person, online or a hybrid.

Meet with PublishU founder Matt Bird for two one-to-one advisory sessions (45 minutes each) to develop your public speaking marketing approach.

  • Step 1: Discuss and devise your public speaker ‘book pitch’ which you will use before or after your speech to entice people to buy your book.
  • Step 2: Plan the practical setup of a ‘physical book table’ and credit/debit payment capability (full technical support provided).
  • Step 3: Plan the practical setup of a ‘virtual book table’ through an integrated QR code, micro-site and Amazon marketing pathway (full technical support provided).
  • Step 4: Co-create an action strategy for securing more public speaking appointments.
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Authors Portrait Marketing Package - £495

PublishU works with multi award-winning British photojournalist and filmmaker Hazel Thompson to offer you ‘The Authors Portrait Package’.

Hazel has a wide portfolio working for leading International publications, broadcaster and businesses around the world. In the last 20 years, she has taken up assignments worldwide in over 60 countries for media organisations such as The Guardian, The New York Times, Stern Magazine, Vogue, Channel 4 News, FIVE News, The Sunday Times, Observer Magazine, Le Monde 2 and Politiken.

PublishU has a global community of photographers for authors who are based in other countries.

A brand positioning brief with our photographer is followed by a 2 hour shoot including 3 wardrobe changes across 3 locations (within proximity). Post production provides you access to all the photographs your favourite five of which will be retouched to provide you with the follow set of photo and video assets…

  • Photo 1: Head Shot (landscape & portrait) for use on your social media profiles.
  • Photo 2: Head & Shoulders Shot for you to use on the back cover of your book and on promotional materials such as those for events you will speak at.
  • Photo 3: Meme Shot for use on your social media with space alongside your image to add a message or quote.
  • Photo 4: Editorial Shot for you to use with your news release and with articles and interviews in magazines and newspapers.
  • Video 1: A 30-60 second promotional video, shot on iPhone, for you to use on YouTube/Vimeo, website and social media ‘stories’.

NB Photographer travel expenses are at additional cost.

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Campaign Marketing Package - £1,895

Giving away an ebook, that is viewed by your target market as highly valuable, in exchange for a name and email address and agreement to receive your newsletter can be a highly effective way of building your client pipeline. You can then engage with the client pipeline to let them know about the value of your full book and your other associated products/services.

The PublishU team have extensive experience of running campaigns to recruit people into a customer pipeline to sell your book and associated products/services.

  • Step 1: You meet (online) with your PublishU campaign designer to discuss and agree your target market, book, associated products/services, lead magnet and engagement pathway.
  • Step 2: Secure your domain name.
  • Step 3: You write a lead magnet resource of high value to your target market.
  • Step 4: Create your lead magnet resource with cover, typeset and PDF ‘publication’.
  • Step 5: Build a campaign web page featuring you, your book, associated products/services and lead magnet.
  • Step 6: Create email addresses.
  • Step 7: Register with an email marketing platform and integrate with the web page.
  • Step 8: Launched campaign ideally supported by the PublishU ‘Social Media Package’

NB Domain purchase, website hosting and email platform are additional expenses.

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Social Media Marketing Package - £495

Social media is a very significant influence in the lives of the digital generation. Organic posting can be highly effective if done in the right way and paid for advertising enables you to target a very specific target market to build you personal brand and sales funnel.

The PublishU social media marketing package will introduce your newly published book and your author profile to our ever-growing global audience through organic and paid marketing. Through paid marketing, your book will be introduced to a brand-new audience within your preferred target market.

You will meet (online) with your PublishU social media manager for 45 minutes to discuss your target audience, goals and the plan for building the following benefits…

  • Benefit 1: Your book will be featured as the ‘Read of the Month’ on the PublishU website.
  • Benefit 2: PublishU will create an Awareness campaign (advert) on Meta (Facebook and Instagram) to market your book to your target audience for one to three months.
  • Benefit 3: PublishU will create a Sales campaign (advert) on Meta (Facebook and Instagram) to market your book to your target audience for one to three months.
  • Benefit 4: PublishU will place an additional organic post on PublishU.
  • Benefit 5: PublishU will post a short-form (5-30 seconds) video about you and/or your book.
  • Benefit 6: Publish you will post a Facebook and Instagram story about you and/or your book.
  • Benefit 7: PublishU will create an ad from one of the organic posts on FB/IG with a goal of engagement and clicks.

NB The price includes an ad budget of £300 over three months which can be added to following consultation.

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PR Marketing Package - £595

Media of different shapes, sizes and colours are always open to high quality personal interest stories such as those provide by our authors.

PublishU works with seasoned PR professionals to create a pitch for you and your book that seeks to cut through the noise of other stories and the daily news cycle in order to secure you column space and airtime.

The PublishU ‘PR Marketing Package’ walks you through the following process to enable you to secure opportunities in print, online and through broadcast media…

  • Step 1: You will meet (online) with your PublishU PR professional to brief them about yourself, your book, your target audience and desired outcomes.
  • Step 2: PublishU will draft a press release/media pitch for you sign-off prior to distribution.
  • Step 3: PublishU will send your news release to our global media list including any personal contacts that you may have.
  • Step 4: PublishU will follow through media contacts in order to secure opportunities to promote your book.
  • Step 5: PublishU will provide you with a schedule of media opportunities and a briefing document for any interviews that may arise.
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Authors Film & Portrait Marketing Package - £1,395

The Authors Portrait Package outlined above plus… a 2-hour video session including a sit down documentary style interview that following a 2 day edit will provide you with two powerful video assets:

  • Video 1: A 2-3 minute final edited interview about the story of your book.
  • Video 2: A 30-60 second promotional video specifically designed for social media ‘stories’.

Hazel Thompson has photographed and directing well known authors, artists and celebrities such as Helen Mirren, Alan Rickman, Richard Dawkins, Jeffery Archer, Natasha Bedingfield, Usain Bolt, Elizabeth Emmanuel, Abba, Lily Cole, Dominic West, Anthony Gormley and Kim Cattrel. As a storyteller, Hazel believes that everyone is individual and unique; therefore strives to provide a service tailored to suit your individual requirements, that illustrates your unique story and book.

NB Photographer/Videographer travel expenses are at additional cost.

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