'Writing My Book'

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The ‘Writing My Book’ programme enables you to write the book that is inside of you and ultimately see it published, launched and sold to a global audience!

The prolific author and founder of PublishU, Matt Bird will coach you to write your book following his unique step-by-step process and providing support every step of the way.

The programme consists of eight 75 minutes live Zoom sessions with Matt. Each session is followed by a written resource summarising what has been covered and explaining an assignment that will take you ever closer to completing your book. There is also a chat group in which you can ask any question you have 24/7.

Your programme cohort quickly becomes a community of mutual encouragement, support, ideas, feedback and accountability, providing an environment key to your success.

An incredible 80% of people who complete the 100-day programme do so with a manuscript for their book!

Beyond this programme we can also help you publish, launch and sell your book worldwide. All you have to do is trust your coach, trust the process and most importantly yourself!

'Writing My Book' benefits...

Completed book manuscript

Global publishing contract

Commitment to a book launch campaign

Confidence you can achieve other dreams

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How It Works

The Programme Sessions

The 'Writing My Book' programme provides a unique step-by-step methodology from your book idea though to final manuscript...

My Book Idea

Creating your best book concept for your book by working through the complimentary workbook 'My Book Idea'.


Knowing Your Why

Knowing your primary motivation for writing your book and how that can help you overcome any self-limitations.


Setting The GPS

Focusing on who are you writing for, what they need to know and how your book is going to help them.


Creating The Recipe

Learning a unique content creation strategy to produce a book outline to guide every step of your writing.


Eating The Elephant

Prioritising and maximising the time and forming a plan for writing and editing your book by the end of the programme.


Top Author Top Tips

Meeting a best-selling author to discover their secrets for writing, editing, publishing & launching your book.


Making The Cake

Creating a book that is 'publication ready' with all the extras required to make your book amazing!


Transforming Publishing

Considering three publishing options and the pros and cons of each so you can make the best decision for you and your book.


Becoming A Parent

Planning and executing a 100-day launch campaign to give your book the best start in life possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what to write about?

Get your FREE copy of the workbook 'Your Book Idea' by Matt Bird to enable you to shape your idea. The programme will then help you fully develop the idea for your book.

How much time will I need?

The programme is eight sessions of 75 minutes over 3 months. In addition you need approximately 90 hours to write and edit your book - so its the equivalent of an hour per day for ninety days!

What if I can't attend one of the sessions?

You will receive a written resource summarising the content of each session together with the assignment that will enable you to keep on track. In addition you can ask any question you need answered in the group chat.

How do I get my book published?

The programme enables you to write your book within 100-days and also secure a publishing contract that will enable you to publish, market and sell your book globally.

Having a coach and publishing experts to hold my hand throughout the process made my dream a reality. Authors can’t do everything on their own. You need a team - PublishU is that team!
Nande Boss
Author of More Than Hello
I thought publishing a book would take a long time, but only 3 months after the submission of the manuscript, my book was published globally!
Gill Taggart
Author of Restored Recycled Remade
I have been really helped by PublishU, their partnership has been personal, empowering and professional - I am very grateful!
Phil Pye
Author of A Psalm For Every Feeling
Thank you so much Matt. Words fail me in expressing my appreciation for your support through PublishU.
Dorritt Okoye
Author of Yours Truly
The PublishU ‘Writing My Book’ course turned my vague idea for a book into the real thing! I am so proud to associate my book with the  PublishU brand and look forward to seeing the fruits of our labour.
Athane Schultz
Author of Peace In Grief
Dreams require active, purposeful steps to materialise and that is what PublishU has given me. Thank you Matt and Team.
Dr Gen Da Silva
Author of Journey Together
The course was brilliant. It was accessible for me and absolutely engaging - I finished writing the book after 3 months. I thoroughly recommend the PublishU course and publishing services!
Kevin Vickers
Author of Gobsmacked!
I have tried to write my book for many years. It wasn’t until I started the 'Writing My Book' course that I was able to do so. In fact I completed it in 100-days and it is now published globally!
Shantal Pillay
Author of A Season for Healing
Writing a book always felt beyond my reach until I did Matt's ‘Writing My Book’ programme. Highly recommended.
Madz Deyzel
Author of CARE for Wholeness
I benefited so much from Matt's advice, support and encouragement throughout the 'Writing My Book' course and the 'Publishing My Book' service. I continue to appreciate his support and that of other PublishU authors.
Anne Donaldson
Author of God Split the Sea
I have wanted to write a book for years and just didn’t know how to get started. The course answered all of my questions and got my book published.
Aneta Harvey
Author of Life Beyond Shame
My dream of publishing a book would still be a dream if I had not completed the 'Writing My Book' course.
Tommy Stewart
Author of Living & Leading With Jesus
The ‘Writing My Book’ course not only helped me write the book I knew I wanted to write - but also helped me publish too! Highly recommended.
Sheralyn Pattison
Author of Couch to Kilimanjaro

Meet Matt

About The Coach

Matt Bird was placed in remedial English classes at school and left believing he was stupid but later discovered he was dyslexic. He has now authored 20 books, has won a book of the year prize and writes for publications such as The Times newspaper. He coaches 100+ people a year to become authors and publishes 50+ books a year. He believes that if he can write a book, then with his help, so can you!

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