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Phil, Kareena & Nicole

Phil Eyre, founder, previously headed a Wealth Management business in both executive and non-executive capacities. He has board level experience in various charities, local and national as well as leading a church for a period before establishing Leaders in 2017.

Kareena Hodgson has spent over twenty years in leading and managing roles for a large national charity, including establishing and heading up their Guernsey services. She has experience representing the voluntary sector at multi-agency board level and on various committees.

Nicole Le Goupillot was previously a teacher of Philosophy, Ethics and Religion and senior leader at an Elim Pentecostal Church, having achieved degrees in Child, Family and Educational Studies as well as Theology. She is an ordained Reverend and an appointed RAF Air Cadet Chaplain.

Podcast with Phil Eyre

Author Phil Eyre talks about his passion for people, leadership and organisational health. His book ‘Leaders’ is available worldwide.

Published Books

The Leaders Book

Phil, Kareena & Nicole

What it takes to lead with moral courage, authentic trust and a living legacy mindset.

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