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A Psalm For Every Feeling

Philip Pye

Finding the right words for every emotion you feel.

The Plane Parable

Darren Richards

How to lift-off, lead and secede

The Finale

Karen Gratton

Life lessons from stories heard at funerals.

Odd One Out

David Faulkner

Good news for those who feel they don’t belong.

The Year the Queen Died

David JA Hallam

David Hallam’s Media Diary of 2022

Genevieve - Her Shame Scars & Survival

Margaret Ade-Onojobi

Surviving broken relationships, with nuggets, tips and tools.

The Great Entrepreneur

Matt Bird

Overcoming the global cost-of-living crisis.

Le Grand Entrepreneur

Matt Bird

Surmonter la crise mondiale du coût de la vie.

More Than Hello

Nande Boss

I See You

Matt's Noto

Matt Bird

Your guide to one of Sicily’s greatest cities.

Journey Together

Dr Genevieve Da Silva

Empowering Our Children to Navigate Life

Peace In Grief

Athane Scholtz

Peace in Grief is the brutally honest account of the surreal world of sudden death and a family’s belief in God’s Plan.

Love Your NAYBA

Matt Bird

30 stories of churches transforming neighbourhoods

Couch to Kilimanjaro

Sheralyn Pattison

Be inspired to face your own personal mountain.

The Treasure on the Shore

Sylvie Nicholls

Living through and beyond the loss of a loved one.

A Season For Healing

Shantal Pillay

A reassuring story of God’s redemptive love in the place of childhood trauma.


Kevin Vickers

This collection of honest and poignant stories is Kevin’s first attempt at storytelling his way through his own ups and downs in life.

God Split The Sea

Anne Donaldson

This book will encourage you when faced with your own personal challenges, and give you tools to face your ‘giants’.

Paramedic Chris and the Runaway Chicken

Tim Parsons

Paramedic Chris and the Runaway Chicken is the fourth episode in the much loved children's book series.

CARE for Wholeness

Madz Deyzel

Owning your journey to healing and wholeness begins by intentionally Creating Authentic Restorative Environments - C.A.R.E.

Life Beyond Shame

Aneta Harvey

This book will take you on a journey, exploring a selection of characters in the Bible who have broken through the shame barrier, how they have been able to do this, and therefore demonstrate that there is life beyond shame.

Living & Leading With Jesus

Tommy Stewart

This book is for those who live and lead each day in workplaces, communities and churches all over the world.

Relationology 101

Matt Bird

Do you believe that building authentic, high-trust relationships are the key to growing your business? If so this book is for you.

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