An Itinerant Nurse

Samy Wilson

My nursing stories from the Canadian North.

The Squeaky Adventures of Dora

Olivia Tartan

The Squeaky Adventures of Dora is a hilarious story to entertain children and parents.

God's Great Questions

Shanna Visagie

A Devotional Series.

Freedom At Last

Jean Dobson

A journey out of debilitating thoughts and feelings to freedom.

Starting Something with Nothing

Karen Davies & Bob Shepherd

How to start in business no matter where you are today.

Cancer and the Cross

Chris Kemshell

Pursuing light in darkness.

Life Lessons

Cathy Collins

Appreciating the value of experience.

Understanding The Way

Lu Dong

A journey from personal survival and success to servant leadership.

Flight Path

Steve Osei-Mensah

A business consultant’s reflection on life, work and flying.

Turning the Tide

Phil Barber

Building a new future for the church.

One Thing

Carlton Deal

A global Day by Day spiritual journey.

Kingdom Keys

Cathy Wheeler

Helping you live life as God intended.

Fierce Humility

Paul Friend

Leading in the way of Jesus.

The Life of Bryan

Bryan Pullinger

A man on a mission.

Israel: Born in Egypt Raised in Iran


Rediscovering Ancient Roots

Moments in Mummydom

Jess Hymus-Gant

One Mummy and five kids on the helter-skelter ride that is family life!

The Leaders Book

Phil, Kareena & Nicole

What it takes to lead with moral courage, authentic trust and a living legacy mindset.

Second Chance

Matthew Kimpton-Smith

Making the most of all life has to offer.

Rewriting the Script

Ngozi Onochie

Choosing a new path in life.

Revive Us Again

Leslie Newton

Rejuvenating a movement of transformation.


Isabelle Kamalandwa Bryan

A gripping fantasy about a young woman.

Invisible Scars

Nicola Rucci

My story of restoration from childhood sexual abuse and trauma.

Cancer vs the Bionic Me

Vicky Lloyd

One woman's battle for survival.

Stop & Listen

James Hodson

Learning to walk and talk with Jesus.

Fais une Pause et éCoute

James Hodson

Apprendre à parler et à marcher avec Jésus.

Yours Truly

Dorritt Okoye

Letters of legacy by Grandma Dorritt

Restored Recycled Remade

Gill Taggart

Letters and stories of renewal.

A Psalm For Every Feeling

Philip Pye

Finding the right words for every emotion you feel.

The Plane Parable

Darren Richards

How to lift-off, lead and secede

The Finale

Karen Gratton

Life lessons from stories heard at funerals.

Odd One Out

David Faulkner

Good news for those who feel they don’t belong.

The Year the Queen Died

David JA Hallam

David Hallam’s Media Diary of 2022


Margaret Ade-Onojobi

Surviving broken relationships, with nuggets, tips and tools.

More Than Hello

Nande Boss

I See You

Matt's Noto

Matt Bird

Your guide to one of Sicily’s greatest cities.

Journey Together

Dr Genevieve Da Silva

Empowering Our Children to Navigate Life

Peace In Grief

Athane Scholtz

Peace in Grief is the brutally honest account of the surreal world of sudden death and a family’s belief in God’s Plan.

Couch to Kilimanjaro

Sheralyn Pattison

Be inspired to face your own personal mountain.

The Treasure on the Shore

Sylvie Nicholls

Living through and beyond the loss of a loved one.

A Season For Healing

Shantal Pillay

A reassuring story of God’s redemptive love in the place of childhood trauma.


Kevin Vickers

This collection of honest and poignant stories is Kevin’s first attempt at storytelling his way through his own ups and downs in life.

God Split The Sea

Anne Donaldson

This book will encourage you when faced with your own personal challenges, and give you tools to face your ‘giants’.

Paramedic Chris and the Runaway Chicken

Tim Parsons

Paramedic Chris and the Runaway Chicken is the fourth episode in the much loved children's book series.

CARE for Wholeness

Madz Deyzel

Owning your journey to healing and wholeness begins by intentionally Creating Authentic Restorative Environments - C.A.R.E.

Living and Leading With Jesus

Tommy Stewart

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