The Plane Parable

Darren Richards

Do you have a hope hidden in your heart? Is there a cause you care about? Do you dream of making a difference “someday”? The Plane Parable is for you: a could-be, would-be, should-be leader. Lift your idea off the ground, learn to lead in turbulent times, and discover what it means to secede as you make your dreams happen and leave a lasting legacy. The world is waiting for your dream. It's time you made “someday” today.

"A superb read which can be devoured in one sitting. Darren’s use of analogy, examples and practical tips throughout the book makes this book on leadership stand out from the crowd."
Reader Review

“An antidote to the self-help movement that tends to emphasise personal goals for personal gain, this book will encourage and equip you to seek out a different path.”
Susie Hart MBE, Artizan International

About The Author

Darren Richards

Darren is an author, broadcaster and advisor. He’s passionate about telling stories that inspire others to make a difference. As an NGO professional, he has mobilised thousands of volunteers and raised millions of pounds for those living in poverty.

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