Life Beyond Shame

Aneta Harvey

Man, who is born of woman is of few days and full of trouble”. These discerning words from Job speak of the difficult times that every person on this earth will experience at some stage in their life, no matter their age, gender or ethnicity. For some, that experience brings not only physical or emotional pain, but also a sense of shame, which cannot be shifted or removed. This book will take you on a journey, exploring a selection of characters in the Bible who have broken through the shame barrier, how they have been able to do this, and therefore demonstrate that there is life beyond shame.

"This book has become my new best friend. It is written in such a loving and nurturing way. I love it. I use it as a daily study resourse and my own secret counsellor. A masterpiece and a book you must have. Thank you Aneta."
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About The Author

Aneta Harvey

Aneta has a breadth and depth of experience having served in the legal, health, counselling and Christian arenas for a number of years. Her desire is to see people become whole, healed and free despite the challenges and obstacles that they may have experienced in life.

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