Turning the Tide

Phil Barber

Building a new future for the church.

One Thing

Carlton Deal

A global Day by Day spiritual journey.

Kingdom Keys

Cathy Wheeler

Helping you live life as God intended.

Fierce Humility

Paul Friend

Leading in the way of Jesus.

Israel: Born in Egypt Raised in Iran


Rediscovering Ancient Roots

Rewriting the Script

Ngozi Onochie

Choosing a new path in life.

Revive Us Again

Leslie Newton

Rejuvenating a movement of transformation.

Stop & Listen

James Hodson

Learning to walk and talk with Jesus.

Fais une Pause et éCoute

James Hodson

Apprendre à parler et à marcher avec Jésus.

Restored Recycled Remade

Gill Taggart

Letters and stories of renewal.

A Psalm For Every Feeling

Philip Pye

Finding the right words for every emotion you feel.

The Finale

Karen Gratton

Life lessons from stories heard at funerals.

The Year the Queen Died

David JA Hallam

David Hallam’s Media Diary of 2022


Margaret Ade-Onojobi

Surviving broken relationships, with nuggets, tips and tools.

More Than Hello

Nande Boss

I See You

A Season For Healing

Shantal Pillay

A reassuring story of God’s redemptive love in the place of childhood trauma.


Kevin Vickers

This collection of honest and poignant stories is Kevin’s first attempt at storytelling his way through his own ups and downs in life.

God Split The Sea

Anne Donaldson

This book will encourage you when faced with your own personal challenges, and give you tools to face your ‘giants’.

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