A Season For Healing

Shantal Pillay

Most of us know someone that has suffered from some form of abuse. Using my personal experience as a survivor of sexual abuse, I hope my story will help you on your healing journey. I pray that this book will benefit you or someone you are supporting on the road to wholeness. There is a time for everything under heaven!

About The Author

Shantal Pillay

Shantal Pillay was born in South Africa and found her faith in Christ at the age of 9. Since then, her relationship with God has been the foundation for her personal healing from childhood abuse. She is devoted to helping those around her to live healed lives whilst building their own personal relationship with God. Apart from many years serving in her own church community she is now a registered Wellness Counsellor with the ASCHP. She believes that a holistic approach to helping people is the best way for them to achieve healing and complete wholeness.

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Shantal Pillay

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