Cancer and the Cross

Chris Kemshell

Pursuing light in darkness.

Life Lessons

Cathy Collins

Appreciating the value of experience.

Understanding The Way

Lu Dong

A journey from personal survival and success to servant leadership.

Second Chance

Matthew Kimpton-Smith

Making the most of all life has to offer.

Rewriting the Script

Ngozi Onochie

Choosing a new path in life.

Invisible Scars

Nicola Rucci

My story of restoration from childhood sexual abuse and trauma.

Cancer vs the Bionic Me

Vicky Lloyd

One woman's battle for survival.

Yours Truly

Dorritt Okoye

Letters of legacy by Grandma Dorritt

Odd One Out

David Faulkner

Good news for those who feel they don’t belong.

Journey Together

Dr Genevieve Da Silva

Empowering Our Children to Navigate Life

Peace In Grief

Athane Scholtz

Peace in Grief is the brutally honest account of the surreal world of sudden death and a family’s belief in God’s Plan.

Couch to Kilimanjaro

Sheralyn Pattison

Be inspired to face your own personal mountain.

The Treasure on the Shore

Sylvie Nicholls

Living through and beyond the loss of a loved one.

A Season For Healing

Shantal Pillay

A reassuring story of God’s redemptive love in the place of childhood trauma.


Kevin Vickers

This collection of honest and poignant stories is Kevin’s first attempt at storytelling his way through his own ups and downs in life.

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