The Treasure on the Shore

Sylvie Nicholls

As the waves of grief recede, is there anything of value left behind on the shoreline of our lives? Through evocative stories and poems describing her own experiences of loss, Sylvie reaches out to those who are grieving and those seeking to support them. It is her hope that this book will help you search for your own ‘treasures.’

"Really liked the honesty of this writer dealing with the death of two husbands and trying to see how this equated with her Christian faith. A compelling read."
Reader Review

“A book that places honesty and authenticity in place of mindless, glib cliché… that becomes your friend and travels the lonely road with you.”
Mark Dowd, Author

About The Author

Sylvie Nicholls

Sylvie is a minister and qualified pastoral counsellor with nearly thirty years’ experience conducting funerals, supporting the bereaved and training others in pastoral care. Recently retired, she still serves as a pastoral supervisor for lay and ordained ministers. Widowed twice, she is now married to Robert and lives in Lancashire.

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