Invisible Scars

Nicola Rucci

Nicola has been a listening ear for survivors of trauma for many years. Now, it’s time to tell her heart-wrenching story of childhood sexual abuse, loss and grief. Her story will take you on a journey to healing inspired by her faith. You too can live in your freedom.

"Nicola shares her personal experiences with her readers in order to offer healing, comfort and strength to those who have also experienced trauma and loss in their lives. I liked how the author engages the reader with personal reflection and healing questions. Thank you Nicola for your inspirational story!"
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“This is a compelling story of a journey from abuse, rejection and loss to forgiveness, healing and restoration. Nicola’s bravery will undoubtedly help others in their own journeys to freedom.”
Ian & Judith Green, Leaders in Community Transformation

Podcast with Nicola Rucci

Author Nicola Rucci talks about their real life story of being abused as a child and telling her story helps others find hope beyond their sadnesses whatever they may be. Her book ‘Invisible Scars: My story of restoration from childhood abuse and trauma’ is available worldwide.

About The Author

Nicola Rucci

Nicola has been a pastor, leader and communicator for more than 3 decades. She is passionate about discipleship and helping people overcome barriers to personal growth. Together with her husband, she leads Rivercity Family Church, Brisbane, Australia. She is the proud mother of 3 adult children, Steffany, Christopher and Jonathan.

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“I was told I had a book in me, but never had the courage to write it. This has been a dream come true. If I can do it, so can you!”

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