Yours Truly

Dorritt Okoye

Grandma Dorritt shares stories and wise words of advice from her intriguing life experiences in Jamaica, Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Written as a love legacy for her grandchildren, others will be fascinated by her adventurous tale of service, determination and courage. A heart-warming read for all.

"An incredibly vibrant, moving and encouraging story of love and loss, grief and joy. Heaps of grandmotherly advice to anyone willing to receive it."
Reader Review

"Sometimes you read a book that is so rich and colourful that you become the characters, you live their lives. Yours Truly is one of those."
Dr Neky Sargant

About The Author

Dorritt Okoye

Dorritt Okoye is a much-loved mother and grandmother fondly known as Grandma Dorritt. She is a multi-award-winning, retired nursing professional. Born in Jamaica, she trained as a nurse in England and married a Nigerian. She has given fifty years’ service delivering patient care and health advice in the UK and Nigeria.

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