Kevin Vickers

Gobsmacked! - A journey through the extraordinary surprises of everyday life - is Kevin’s first attempt at storytelling his way through his own ups and downs, successes and failures, good times, bad times and, sometimes, crazy and funny adventures that have turned out okay in the end! This collection of honest and poignant stories will warm your heart and help you see your own life journey in a fresh new light.

Perhaps you too will be Gobsmacked or amazed at how things can turn out!

About The Author

Kevin Vickers

Kevin has been married to Jane for 36 years. They have three children, three grandchildren and one more on the way! Kevin has lived in Mitcham all his life, has a background in banking and is the Pastor of All Nations Revival Church. He loves people, teaching, crazy adventures, and fishing, and has a passion for communicating his faith in Jesus in the language of ordinary people.

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