More Than Hello

Nande Boss

Any relationship starts with a greeting in some shape or form.

The moment when eyes meet, heads nod – body language transcends barriers.

To acknowledge the other with a simple hello could be the start of a meaningful encounter that could brighten up a lonely person’s day, making them feel seen.

What would you do if God said hello to you? 

Have you ever wondered if a true conversation with God is possible?

Join Nande Boss as she reveals from her personal chronicle that God offers more than just a passing hello. 

About The Author

Nande Boss

Nande Boss is a businesswoman, speaker, author and creative thinker. Through her faith in Jesus and passion for helping individuals and institutions communicate clearly, she has led workshops in both corporate and faith-based sectors. Her training focuses on communication, change management and purpose. She does this with authenticity, clarity and courage.  

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