Turning the Tide

Phil Barber

Are you longing for church to be life-giving for your neighbour, but unsure what change could make a difference? Turning the Tide will take you through a series of reflective caricatures of church life and prompt questions and discussions, along with practical steps, for church to become a place of life.

“This is a very practical book. It understands the issues and represents an invaluable resource for those who are seeking to work with churches to turn the tide.”

Rev Dr Martin Robinson

Podcast with Phil Barber

Author Phil Barber talks about his passion that church buildings will be used for church community Jes rather than bars, homes and carpet warehouses. His book ‘Turning the Tide’ is available worldwide.

About The Author

Phil Barber

Philip Barber is a qualified teacher, lay preacher and successful church planter. He was for twenty years senior pastor of Potters Church, Stoke-on-Trent, UK, which along with a team he planted in 1992.

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