Rewriting the Script

Ngozi Onochie

Do you find yourself at a crossroads? Are you struggling with the consequences of poor choices made by yourself or others? Rewriting the Script will enable you to renew your story. Follow Ngozi’s journey to see how you can turn setbacks into opportunities and choose a new way forward.

“This remarkable journey of strength and resilience showcases the transformative power of God’s grace. It is a testament to an unwavering faith in how God can completely transform one’s situation.”
Chika Oluchi, Solutions Architect

About The Author

Ngozi Onochie

Ngozi Onochie is married and a proud mother of four children and four grandchildren, and lives in Hertfordshire UK. Ngozi’s true passion lies in her faith and service to God. She is the CEO of Hope for Her, a non-profit organisation that helps women.

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