One Thing

Carlton Deal

In a world of many things, what is the One Thing that gives meaning to everything else? For 58 days, from Palm Sunday to Pentecost, 32 people from 22 countries joined a Day by Day online spiritual community that considered the eight “One Thing” texts in the Bible. This was their journey, as it happened.

“What I find in these pages is authenticity. One Thing is the perfectly paired appetiser for the main course you are looking for: deep meaning, real community, and genuine friendship.”

John Cotton Richmond, U.S. Ambassador for Trafficking in Persons (ret.)

Podcast with Carlton Deal

Author Carlton Deal talks about how he leads people on a journey of spiritual exploration in online groups. His book ‘One Thing’ is available worldwide.

About The Author

Carlton Deal

Carlton Deal is the founder and CEO of Serve the City International, founder and lead pastor of The Well Community in Brussels and serves European political leaders as a part of the prayer breakfast fellowship. Carlton’s favourite business card to hand out just says “Friend”.

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