Israel: Born in Egypt Raised in Iran


When Israel is mentioned, what emotions are evoked in you? Israel: Born in Egypt Raised in Iran will take you on an historical, biblical and spiritual journey rediscovering the role of the surrounding nations in Israel’s storyline. Which side is God on? The answer will unlock fresh perspectives on God, the world and even your own personal journey.

“Profound and thought provoking, a “must read” for anyone interested in the past and future of Egypt, Iran or Israel.”

Dr Hormoz Shariat, Founder of IranAlive

Podcast with Shadi

Author Shadi talks about how God outworks his purposes through both Jews and Arabs. His book ‘Israel: Born in Egypt, Raised in Iran’ is available worldwide.

About The Author


Shadi was born and raised in the Middle East. Having carried a strong conviction since childhood to serve the Lord through his life, he left his career as a medical doctor to pursue this passion. He has worked in international ministry contexts for more than twenty-five years, mobilising prayer within and for the nations and people of the Middle East. One of his great joys, apart from fathering his own children, is seeing young people equipped and commissioned to accomplish all that God has destined for their lives. He currently lives in Europe with his wife and their children.

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