Stop & Listen

James Hodson

The simple joy of being in communication with God is basic to being his children. We’re built for it. Follow the author through the gospel of John as he opens up the life and teaching of Jesus, showing that listening is a key part of our walk and also a source of great joy.

"Richly illustrated from his own vibrant family background, professional career, academic training, and church leadership experience, James has produced a book that will be an enriching contribution to both personal devotions and as a group study guide.”

Dave Fellingham, Worship Leader & Song Writer

Podcast with James Hodson

Author James Hodson talks about their real life story of living and running businesses in the French Alps and finding peace whether in the midst of the mountains or in city living. His book ‘Stop and Listen: Learning to walk and talk with Jesus’ is available worldwide.

About The Author

James Hodson

James Hodson lives in the French Alps with his wife Julie. Together they’ve run businesses, community projects, and have been involved in training and mentoring young disciples of Jesus for many years. Their passion for simplicity yet depth in faith is a hallmark of their ministry.

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