Journey Together

Dr Genevieve Da Silva

If we can learn to journey well, we can equip our children to journey better. Concern about an uncertain future for our children grips many parents. But intentional parenting now can equip our children towards tools for navigating success in life. Dr Genevieve da Silva explores how parent-child interactions can influence how children engage their world. This book offers principles and practical tools to help you self-reflect, connect with and empower your child.

"I’m encouraged by Dr Da Silva’s generosity in taking time to pen this resource for us. It’s practical, helpful and fun to work through."
Reader Review

"Parents and educators alike will gain valuable and compelling insight into the powerful influence we have in shaping little hearts and minds. For anyone who wants to be both intentional and influential, this is a must read."
Dr Robi Sonderegger, Clinical Psychologist

About The Author

Dr Genevieve Da Silva

Dr. Genevieve Da Silva (D.Ed) is an educational psychologist, in South Africa, and is passionate about families and children. She inspires and equips parents, teachers and future mental health professionals. She is married to Rick and together they are raising three boys.

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