Paramedic Chris and the Runaway Chicken

Tim Parsons

Paramedic Chris and the Runaway Chicken is the fourth episode in the Paramedic Chris series. In this episode Chris and Zara experience a very different kind of call which ends up in the local community working together.

Author Tim Parsons was inspired to create the series during the time he worked as an ambulance chaplain.

About The Author

Tim Parsons

Tim Parsons was inspired to create the Paramedic Chris series of books during the time he volunteered as an ambulance chaplain. The Paramedic Chris children's books are aimed at educating children on the works of the ambulance service.

"Each episode is based on calls which I attended with various ambulance crews when I used to serve as a voluntary chaplain to the ambulance service. One of my first ever shifts was with Chris, and his life story inspired me to write the Paramedic Chris series."

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