The Life of Bryan

Bryan Pullinger

Have you ever wondered what influence your roots have had on you? With family stories from the past, Bryan illustrates how these have impacted on his present and future. Written primarily for his family and friends; he hopes that a wider audience may be inspired by his insights into what may shape their future.

“Bryan Pullinger’s story captures so much about him as a person. Whether you want to learn how to inspire others, be a servant leader or be a great parent, this book is worth the read.”

Amanda Pullinger, Daughter

Podcast with Bryan Pullinger

Author Bryan Pullinger talks about the stories of his life which his children and grandchildren encouraged him to write.

About The Author

Bryan Pullinger

Bryan Pullinger spends his retirement in Tor Point Cornwall and recently celebrated his 85th birthday. Over the years he has been associated with at least three company roles and has led churches and church movements in several countries, including the UK, USA, Columbia and Malta.

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