Matt Bird

Matt Bird is a business and social entrepreneur who loves to help people.

He was in 'remedial' English classes at school and only later learned that he had the gift of dyslexia. Over the years Matt has learned to lean into his neuro-diversity as his superpower.

He has spoken in 50 countries to more than a million people on subjects such as entrepreneurship, growth through relationships, the dyslexic superpower and community transformation.

Matt is a frequent broadcaster, has authored 20 books and writes for publications such as The Times newspaper.

He is Founder CEO of PublishU enabling over 100 people a year to write, publish and launch their books to a global audience.

As part of his giving back he is Founder of the global foundation NAYBA helping thousands of churches worldwide to better love their neighbours.

He lives life to max and he enjoys live music, urban fashion, local food and organic wine.

When he is not travelling he lives between Covent Garden in the heart of London’s West End and Noto on the island of Sicily, Italy.

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