Writing My Book Completed My Healing


Nicola Rucci

Matt Bird, founder of PublishU, talks with Nikki Rucci about how her book completed her healing from childhood abuse.

Matt: What's life about for you Nikki?

Nikki: I'm married to a wonderful man, Gary, for thirty-seven years and I’ve just become a grandma which I'm so excited about.

Matt: You’re now a globally published author. When did you first think that you’d like to do that?

Nikki: Twenty years ago. A few of my close friends said to me, ‘Nicky, you need to write your story. You need to put it in a book and get it out there.’ And I replied, ‘Who’s going to want to listen to my story?’

Matt: What changed and why did you do the PublishU ‘Writing My Book’ programme?

Nikki: The tipping point was when my father passed away two years ago. Right up until that point, Gary and my daughter in particular would say, ‘Mum, you need to put your story down.’ I said, ‘No, grandpa’s still alive.’ Then out of the blue, my husband Gary finds your ‘Writing My Book’ programme. He recommended that I get in touch with you and get my book done! That's when I messaged you and said, ‘I've been kicked up the butt to finish my book.’

Matt: What’s your book ‘Invisible Scars’ about?

Nikki: My childhood abuse and trauma. I take people right back to the trauma that I went through, sexual abuse, living with an alcoholic father and my mother trying to find love in all the wrong places. From there onwards, it’s about my restoration.

Matt: That must have been so painful to write about. How did you deal with it?

Nikki: I cried a lot—all the way through writing my book. It was very therapeutic. As I started writing, I actually got more of the picture in my mind about what happened. I called my mom a couple of times to make sure I got the story right. It was very emotional.

Matt: Writing a book is like journaling: it’s a healing process. Did completing your book help to bring you closure?

Nikki: Yes, absolutely. There were things that I was remembering and writing that I thought I’d actually come through. As I was writing, I thought, ‘Oh my goodness! I actually still do that.’ Clearly this was good for me. I needed to see what I was writing, because I knew it was going to help me again. I believe that writing my book has completed my restoration.

Matt: How will your book make us feel once we read it?

Nikki: I've been told by people that it makes them cry. The first part of the book is very sad. Then the second part of my book gives hope about how you can break through traumatic experiences in life and come through on the other side. There’s hope that you can become an incredibly happy person.

Matt: What is your highest hope for your book and the people who read it?

Nikki: That people realise even if they’re feeling really messed up inside that they can start their healing journey. Sometimes when we're going through a traumatic experience, we want to close off and isolate ourselves. We don't want anyone around us and we don't want to talk to anybody—we just want to be by ourselves. One of the key principles I talk about is that vulnerability is the doorway to your healing. Start by finding one or two people to talk to and just allow yourself to let it all out.

Matt: Nikki I'm so pleased that I've been able to work with you as your book coach. Thank you for being brave, because your bravery is going to help so many other people.

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