Independent Manuscript Review

PublishU coaches hundreds of authors annually to write, publish and launch their books worldwide.

Authors sometimes approach us when they have already written their book manuscript and are looking for a publisher. As an author, we do not know and have not coached; we need to review your book manuscript to consider it for publication.

The PublishU independent manuscript review will provide you with a summary of recommended developmental edits. These edits will improve the quality of your manuscript and increase the likelihood of securing a publishing contract.

The review will also confirm whether PublishU can offer you a publishing contract or support the publication of your book in another way.

Please click the Independent Manuscript Review service you require to make payment...

📗 10,000-19,999 words £195 +VAT

📗 20,000-29,999 words £295 +VAT

📗 30,000-39,999 words £395 +VAT

📗 40,000-49,999 words £495 +VAT

📗 50,000-59,999 words £595 +VAT

Once payment has been completed please email your manuscript to and your Independent Manuscript Review will be completed within 14 days.

NB Should PublishU offer you a publishing contract, the manuscript review service fee is 100% deductible from any further costs.