'Launching My Book'


Becoming a published author is like becoming a parent - the real work starts when it's born!

The first 100-days from the publication of your book is one of the most significant times in your books life. If you get the launch campaign right you will create natural momentum for your book and generate lots of opportunities!

Having invested so much of yourself in writing your book and securing its publication it is critical to give it the best start in life possible.

The PublishU ‘Launching My Book’ programme begins 3 months prior to the global publication of your book in order to support you in planning and preparing for your 100-day launch campaign.

The programme continues through delivering your launch campaign to encourage, support and advise you in giving your book the best start in life possible.

You are provided with a campaign framework, coaching support and a peer community...

  • Campaign Framework: Access to the 'Launching My Book' campaign framework with step-by-step actions, links to recommended resources and off-the-shelf templates to plan your online presence, in-person launch event/s and media promotion.
  • Coaching Support: Meet with PublishU founder and prolific author Matt Bird every month for six months (the first Wednesday of every month 0800-0900 UK time), the three months prior to your publication and the three months after - to benefit from his expert guidance and practical support.
  • Peer Community: Join with a peer group of other new authors on the same journey of launching their book so you can learn together and support one another on the journey.

On completion of your 100-day launch campaign you will automatically graduate to our complimentary PublishU 'Global Authors Club' where you will join with other authors for ongoing support and help in promoting your book to the world!

“Immensely helpful! After enjoying the ‘warm glow’ of publication, I knew that I was not confident about promoting my book. The 'Launching My Book' programme combines helpful practical wisdom with supportive accountability which kept me proactive in making the most of the first 100-days of my book’s life.” Leslie Newton, Author

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About The Coach

Matt Bird was placed in remedial English classes at school and left believing he was stupid but later discovered he was dyslexic. He has now authored 20 books, has won a book of the year prize and writes for publications such as The Times newspaper. He coaches 100+ people a year to become authors and publishes 50+ books a year. He believes that if he can write a book, then with his help, so can you!

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